Classroom Teacher Reimbursement Program

A program which benefits both Riverwood faculty & students.

The PTSA will reimburse Classroom Teachers up to $50 for classroom supplies if they join the PTSA at the $10 Faculty Membership Level.

Principal Smith has heartily endorsed the program & supports our goal of 100% participation.

Reimbursement Details:

  • Only classroom teachers are eligible

  • Join PTSA as a Faculty Member

  • SEPARATE RECEIPT! Classroom supplies MUST be on a separate receipt from any other personal purchases to be eligible for reimbursement. Separate your items & get a separate receipt at checkout!

  • Print out & complete a PTSA Reimbursement Form & attach to receipt. (Find on PTSA page of Riverwood website)

  • Place your receipt & reimbursement form in the PTSA mailbox in the front office

  • Deadline to submit a reimbursement request HAS BEEN EXTENDED THROUGH JANUARY 31, 2021

  • Reimbursements will be issued prior to WINTER Holidays